Florida News Flash FAQ

Welcome to the Florida News Flash FAQ page. You’re probably here because you have questions about our Memberships.

Do I need a membership to view articles and other content?

No. You do not need any kind of membership to read articles, view lists of articles, or view most other content on the Florida News Flash website. Here’s a list of the content that non-registered visitors can view freely:

  • Home Page
  • Article Category Pages
  • Individual Articles
  • Classifieds Category List Page
  • All Classifieds page (lists classified ads by newest to oldest)
  • Individual Classified Ads
  • Business Directory Category List Page
  • All Business Directory Listings (lists directory entries by newest to oldest)
  • Individual Business Directory Listings
  • Deals and Steals page
  • Individual Deals and Steals

NOTE: unregistered non-member visitors cannot comment on any articles or other content where comments are allowed.

Why do I need to be a registered member to comment on articles and other content where comments are generally allowed?

Florida News Flash is a community based news site with a very socially oriented following. Our users would like to be free to have discussions with each other regarding news articles and other content without being subject to harassment or SPAM. Many news websites do not allow comments on articles at all to prevent malicious users from posting links to malware sites or other undesirable or potentially dangerous websites. While we use sophisticated SPAM detection technology to prevent most SPAM, we can’t prevent all SPAM from getting posted because sophisticated spammers find ways to fool or trick the systems. By forcing users to become free members, we know that we have control over those users and we know that if they do not abide by the comment rules they will have their memberships revoked. Most of the users who take the time to become free members are people who are generally interested in the content we provide and participating in discussions with other members.

What other benefits does a Free Membership with Florida News Flash provide?

We offer all of our Free Members the ability to post and manage as many FREE Classified Ads as they want to post. This is a huge benefit and it costs you nothing to participate. You just need to become a member so we know who you are and so you can have an account. You need an account – username and password – to be able to post classified ads because we need to track who those ads belong to, and also so you can edit, delete, or end ads yourself.

What is a Business Directory Membership?

Our Business Directory Membership is a Premium Membership with an annual recurring fee that is charged to your PayPal account. Certain parts of the site like the ability to create and manage Directory Listings and Deals & Steals are protected premium content and will be unavailable to unregistered visitors and Free Membership visitors.

How much does a Business Directory membership cost?

Membership price: USD 159

We charge a very reasonable annual membership to become a Business Directory member. This fee is necessary to cover the costs of website development and administration. You get a lot of really cool capabilities with a Business Directory membership. The more members we get, the more features we’ll be able to offer.

What does a Business Directory Membership include?

The Business Directory Membership includes:

  • The ability to create and manage as many different business listings as you need.
    • This is really a powerful feature. Business Listings can include photos, embedded videos, highly formatted text, photo galleries, and just about anything else you could put on a web page or blog post using the WordPress editor. The limit is your imagination. And you can create as many listings as you need! What if you are a Cleaning company that offers home housekeeping services as well as commercial office cleaning services? You could create a different business listing for each, focussing on those particular offerings differently.
  • The ability to create and manage as many different Deals & Steals listings as you need.
    • Deals and Steals listings allow you to create your own locally focused mini storefront. Once you become a Business Directory member, within 3 business days we will create a Vendor account for you. After you have a Vendor account, you’ll be able to create all kinds of deals that will be available to our visitors.

Tell me more about the Deals and Steals feature of the Business Directory membership

Deals and Steals is a Groupon-like deals storefront where Business Directory members can showcase their own deals for the Florida News Flash visitor community. You can create all kinds of deals from printable coupons to digital downloads. Restaurants can create deals that users can purchase online, print them out, and redeem them in person. Are you selling tickets to an event? Sell them online and let the buyer download an image or PDF to print. Use your imagination. Here’s a list of some of the types of deals you can create:

  • Free Deals (ideal for printable coupons)
    • Allow users to get a free download of a pdf, image, or any other type of file. Musicians can offer free MP3 downloads. Anything is possible.
  • Paid Deals (unlimited quantities)
    • Allow users to pay for a deal in advance, then download a pdf or image to print and redeem.
  • Limited Quantity Paid Deals
    • Allow users to pay for deals and redeem them later where there are only a limited number of items available
  • Limited Time Paid Deals
    • Allow users to pay for deals and redeem them later where the deal is only available for a limited time.

In addition, you can control how many times a user can download a deal. Using Scarcity by limiting the number available or the time the deal is good for (or both) is a proven effective method of persuading people to act. Nobody likes to be left out. We give our Business Directory members the ability to create their own online store.

How much of a percentage of the sale of Paid deals does Florida News Flash retain?

We retain a very reasonable 10% of the cost of the deal. For example, if you are a restaurant selling a five course dinner for two for $50, we will retain $5.00 and you will receive $45.00. We have to charge something to cover the fees we get charged from the credit card processor, plus a very small amount extra to help defray the costs of developing and maintaining a system where we can offer this type of capability to our members.

When do I get paid for deals that I sell on the site?

We will pay out all of our vendors at some point during the month for the sales made the previous month. You can always expect to be paid by the end of the month. For example, for sales that happen in June, you can expect to be paid before the end of July.

Do you have any resources to help me learn how to use the features of the various membership levels?

Yes. We have set up some Online Help for the various site features here:

  • For general Membership help, Click Here
  • For help creating and managing Classified Ad listings, Click Here
  • For help creating and managing Business Directory listings, Click Here
  • For help creating and managing Deals and Steals listings, Click Here