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We have five different sizes for advertisements and several placements. Images can be submitted in either PNG or JPG formats.

300w x 300h example
Square: 3o0px wide by 300px tall

  • Sidebar Top
  • Sidebar Bottom

728w x 90h example
Horizontal: 728px wide by 90px tall

  • Home Page Top (below featured slider)
  • Home Page 2nd Position (between Police Beat and Opinion)
  • Home Page 3rd Position (between Health News and Out and About)
  • Individual News Articles: Before the content (below the menu and before the article)
  • Individual News Articles: After the content

615w x 90h example
Horizontal: 615px wide by 90px tall

  • Home Page Bottom (below In Case You Missed It)

145w x 200h example
Vertical: 145px wide by 200px tall

  • Sidebar 2nd Position (under the first 300×300 ad spot)

150w x 300h example
Vertical: 150px wide by 300px tall

  • Individual News Articles: After the 2nd Paragraph (articles with 3 or more paragraphs).

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